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Willamette Theatre announces three productions for spring semester

Sophia Mack

Staff writer

“We want students to perform and we want someone to watch it. We want to make art, and without an audience there is no art” - Stephen Alexander, Head of Theatre Publicity At Willamette University.

This semester, the Willamette Theatre department has three productions in store. A play, “A Bright New Boise,” a musical, “The Cradle Will Rock,” and a dance showcase, “Moving Forward- Screendance.” All three productions address topics relevant to many today, including working in a retail store during the pandemic. One production features a section that is entirely pre-recorded to increase performers safely. All productions will be available to stream throughout the semester for $5 a student. For information on purchasing tickets you can go to

A Bright New Boise

Taking place in the break room of a Hobby Lobby in Boise, Idaho, “A Bright New Boise” follows five workers as they grapple with life in 2020 and one father and son relationship that can’t be ignored any longer. Maia Farinas, ‘23, the assistant director, says the play lends itself to a performance during COVID given that “the play is set in modern times, so even though it was written in 2016, we are able to make it set in 2020 and have it make sense.” Rehearsals for the first few weeks are being held on Zoom, but soon after the quiet period the small cast will begin rehearsing in the theater, while wearing masks and social distancing. “I’m really excited for the play, I think it shows a lot of perspectives that Willamette students aren’t used to thinking about.” said Farinas.

“A Bright New Boise” will be available to livestream March 10-14.

The Cradle Will Rock

Written in 1937 by Marc Blitzstein, “The Cradle Will Rock” was controversial for its time. Tackling topics like American capitalism, racism and corruption, this musical parodies classical music with jazz and pop. Willamette's rendition will include 10 scenes put together by the music department and students in the dramatic vocal arts. Parts of this show will be pre-recorded, including the music which will be mixed together for the livestream performance of the show allowing for a safer production. “What really excites me about ‘The Cradle Will Rock’... is you get to see all the seedy underbelly of what's going on and how the world works, as seen through the people that exploit it.” said Alexander.

“The Cradle Will Rock” will be available to live stream April 1-4.

• Moving Forward • Screendance

“Moving Forward- Screendance,” combining dance and cinema, is a relatively new type of art form that adapts to changing tastes and modern challenges. Student choreographers will work with dance faculty to create a visual experience exploring themes of moving through uncertain times. “The screen dance form allows for it to seem to be a music video and a lot of ways it is, but it's really still focused on the dances, the primary storytelling idea.” said Alexander. The entire performance will be pre-recorded, and then put online. This will allow the dancers to learn about the process of video production as well as choreography.

Screendance will be available for ticketed viewers through YouTube’s secured system starting April 30 through the following two weeks.

Ticket sales for all shows go out February 17. All tickets are $5 to students. After purchasing a livestream and recorded performance you will be emailed a private link for viewing. For more information you can access

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