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Women’s Basketball Heads to NWC Semi-finals

Mary Vickery

Contributing Writer

Image from Willamette Athletics Site

Women’s basketball will dribble their way to Walla-Walla this Friday for the NWC Tournament Semi-Finals. Willamette athletes helped send the Bearcat bus off the morning of Thursday, February 23. The team is set to counter Whitman on Friday at 1:00 pm, entering the game with a record of 0-2 against the Blues this season. Stat leaders Carolyn Ho, Megan River, and Sami Riggs have led the team to a seasonal 14-11 record, scoring a combined average of 31.2 points per game. They hope to keep the points flowing through Friday, and into Saturday when the NWC tournament finals take place. Defrost those pom-poms and tune in on Friday to root for the Women’s basketball team!

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