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Women’s soccer stays strong after 3-0 loss

Britt Shunn-Mitchell


Trinity University came all the way from San Antonio, TX to play against Willamette’s women’s soccer team on Sunday, Sep. 15 at East Field on the University of Pudget Sound’s campus. The game was full of great plays for both teams, but Willamette’s sophomores stood out, recording two of the team’s three shots. Sophomore ASP student Aoi Sawanodori took one of Willamette’s shots, while sophomore Sydney Wilson took the other. The third shot from Willamette came from senior Gena Main. Trinity’s goalie, Paige Wallace, managed to block all of Willamette’s shots to shut out the Bearcats 3-0. This puts Willamette’s women’s soccer season record at 1-3 overall. However, Willamette’s defense showed a lot of promise for the rest of the season.

The first half of the game was close throughout due to strong defensive plays by both teams. There were no goals until just under half an hour in, when Trinity’s Jessica Young scored the first and only point of the first half with an amazing header at 27:45. Lindsey Peng had a remarkable assist on the goal due to her corner kick. Willamette’s defense stayed strong until the second half, when Kristen Coniglione scored a header off a free kick assist from Peng at 50:03. The final goal attempt was shot by Emma Everts after a pass from Sarah Evans at 74:22. This shot was initially deflected by first-year Kristen Barclay, but only enough to delay the point and not enough to prevent it. WU managed to end the game with only 10 fouls compared to Trinity’s 15. 

With one win under their belts and many good plays, Willamette’s women’s soccer team is heading into their next home game against Linfield College on Sep. 21 at 12 p.m. (PST). 

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