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ASWU passes bill on anti-racism plans, tables rest of agenda

Melissa Baskin

Staff Writer

Disclaimer: One of the people referenced in this piece is Inéz Nieves, who is both an ASWU senator and an opinions writer for The Collegian.

The events of the first part of the Oct. 21 meeting of the Associated Students of Willamette University (ASWU) can be read [here]. The rest of the meeting saw the Senate pass a bill on anti-racism plans, and table a majority of the agenda for the following week including another bill on university committee appointments and the approval of two clubs.

The Bill to Amend the Committee of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, which was [debated] the previous week, was voted on and unanimously passed with 13 ayes. The bill increases the amount of anti-racist and anti-oppression plans that clubs have. Senator Inéz Nieves (‘24) states that this is to make sure that anti-racism and anti-oppression criteria are implemented more directly into clubs. “These plans are made available to clubs directly so that they can update their plans.” This bill will now require all ASWU affiliated organizations to submit new or revised versions of anti-racism plans at the beginning of each year, as well as be notified if changes occur to the criteria.

The Bill to Amend At-Large Appointments to University Communities was tabled, following a debate between the public and Senators on the necessity of the bill. The bill was [debated] last week by the Senate and will be voted on next week. This bill in essence requires that nominees to University committees, who are appointed by the ASWU president, be interviewed by the senate. Many of the same questions that were raised the [previous week] were raised once more, regarding time commitment, necessary qualifications, as well as the relationship between the committee, clubs, and ASWU.

The two clubs whose approval was tabled were the Eye Health and Pre-Optometry Club and Camp Bearcat. Eye Health and Pre-Optometry Club is for those who are interested in said topics to meet and perform community service. According to their proposal, the mission and intent of Camp Bearcat is “to provide a safe, welcoming, inclusive community-centered around nostalgic summer camp and childhood games and activities”.

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