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Beyond the Bistro: Coffee near campus

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Benjamin Snell

Staff writer

As of April 1, Willamette’s on-campus cafe [“the Bistro” closed down for the remainder of the Spring 2021 semester] for future financial stability. With this new absence of coffee and food from the community, some students may be curious about what other options are available in Salem for caffeinating or studying. Here are four suggestions for students to grab coffee on or near the university’s campus.

  1. Rick’s Cafe: Located across the street from Goudy and inside of the Willamette law building, Rick’s Cafe is another coffee shop in close proximity to students living on campus. They are open from 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday through Thursday, serving regular coffee, espresso, teas, sandwiches, salads and more (the spot also has specials that change weekly). They are currently open for takeout and, [as of March 15], have started accepting compass cash and flex dollars. (full menu for Rick’s [here])

  2. Governor’s Cup: Located in the heart of downtown Salem, Governor’s Cup is a popular coffee shop among students and citizens of Salem alike. For those who want to sit inside and eat, the interior is full of abstract art for customers to admire and welcoming staff members (take out is also offered). Food and beverages are served there daily until 5 p.m.; opening hours vary based on the day. The full menu is listed on their website [here].

  3. Isaac’s: This coffee shop is located just a few blocks away from Riverfront Park, and is part of another company, Ike Box (which is located just a few blocks away from Willamette’s campus). Both offer food items such as sandwiches and bagels and both hot and cold drinks. (menu for Ike Box [here], menu for Isaac’s [here])

  4. Archive: Archive offers a vast range of food for their customers, anywhere from cheeseburgers to tacos, to mac and cheese. Like the rest of the coffee shops on the list, they also offer both hot and cold drinks, with a few specialty drinks such as their Bee’s Knees latte. (full menu [here])

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