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Ed Whipple serving as interim dean of students

Reed Bertran Jasper Jones

Staff writer News editor

Ed Whipple now holds the dual titles of vice president of Student Affairs and dean of students for the College of Liberal Arts. This change of staff within the Office of Student Affairs was prompted by the resignation of Domanic Thomas, the previous dean of students. Thomas moved to Washington State University to assume the role of vice chancellor of Student Affairs. Whipple will hold this position until June 1, 2020, when a new dean of students will be hired.

“The dean of students is responsible for keeping ‘a pulse’ on student life. It is important that the position understand the various needs of students and how best to support [them]. The dean also oversees the University’s conduct and crisis systems,” said Whipple. 

The responsibilities of the dual position of vice president of Student Affairs and dean of students is nothing new to Whipple, who held both titles until June 1, 2018, when Thomas was hired. Whipple has held the position of vice president of Student Affairs at Willamette for 25 years and has worked within various student affairs departments on different college campuses for 42 years, including Oregon State University, University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa and Montana State University. 

Concerning his goals as vice president of Student Affairs, Whipple said, “With my colleagues in and out of student affairs articulating students’ needs, focusing on building a strong campus community, providing quality programs and services and ensuring students are learning, growing and developing in positive and healthy ways.” 

Willamette is also Whipple’s alma mater. He graduated in the Class of 1974 with a Bachelor’s degree. 

When asked if his undergraduate experiences helps him with his current job, Whipple responded, “I think that being a Willamette grad for me has really helped. Willamette has obviously changed a lot since I graduated, and it has changed for the better… But what has remained the same is the values of the Willamette: the focus on the student, the commitment to a quality education and a terrific faculty.”

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