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Fast Break Sports Report Feb. 22

Skeet Starr

Sports Editor

Art by Minna Zhou

Hello Bearcat Fans! Here’s hoping that your mid-semester break was restful, and gave you ample time to reflect on the state of the Willamette Athletics Department. What else would you be doing? Let’s go to the news!

After a narrow victory on Saturday over the Pirates, Women’s Basketball secured the #4 spot in the NWC playoffs, with a conference record of 9-7. Next Friday they will face the conference co-champions Whitman in Walla Walla. The Bearcats are 0-2 against Whitman this season, including their recent 40-63 mishap. But it’s any given Sunday (or Friday early afternoon) when Caroyln Ho’s jumper is on.

Baseball made their way back to the Spec over the weekend, and showed the conference that what goes in California, goes in Salem. As of Sunday's results against the Pacific Boxers, baseball has yet to lose a series this Spring. However, Pacific may take solace in the fact that they trampled through game three, winning 10-1.

Men’s Basketball concluded their season as well, picking up two more losses to bring their conference record to 1-15, and overall record to 5-19. What can be said that hasn’t been said? It’s time to put “Lose Yourself” on in the headphones, and get back to the lab again yo.

Whitman Men’s Swim and Linfield Women’s Swim took home the NWC championship last Sunday night, while the Bearcat women cracked the #5 spot, and men the #6.

Men’s Tennis defeated Bellevue College on Friday, but fell twice to Pacific on Saturday, bringing their Spring record to 1-4. Women’s Tennis are yet to find a win this Spring, after Falling to Bellevue.

Softball went 2-2 deep in the heart of Texas. After defeating Southwestern twice by seven runs, the Bearcats faltered twice at Concordia, losing by no less than five.

Consider in the Coming Weeks: Have you tried out the new Futmesa table in Montag, and alternatively, can a God be considered worthy of praise if it looks on our worldly suffering with indifference?

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