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  • Skeet Starr, Sports Editor

Fast Break Sports Report Nov. 14

Graphic by Carolyn Vazquez

Hello Bearcat Fan! Let’s all extend a warm “thank you” to sports writer Mary Vickery (‘24) for writing the Fast Break last week while I recovered from a strange and enigmatic illness. Also, fall sports have wrapped up entirely, putting me in mind of a haiku from 17th century poet, Bashō. 

summer grasses

all that remains

of warriors’ dreams

Let’s go to the news!

Head coach Brett Franz was named NCAA DIII coach of the year as the Triathlon team took fifth at nationals. Riga Grubis (‘27) took 7th, the highest placement for the ‘Cats. 

Volleyball were swept again by undefeated champions PLU at the conference semifinals. 

Women’s Basketball couldn’t scrape their way back into the game after a bad run against Bushnell (62-73), but redeemed themselves against Whittier (55-52) by way of a last second three ball from Jasmine Shigeno (‘24). 

Men’s Basketball clammed up in the face of the visiting Geoducks (82-85), then dominated Oglethorpe (89-76).

Football. 13-63. Lewis & Clark. In February of 1500 1,000 peasants of a new republic in Dithmarschen, beset upon by 10,000 royal Danish troops, desperately opened a series of dikes, thus flooding the croplands surrounding the village of Hemmingstedt with icy water. As the numerically-advantaged royal troops charged the peasant line, their foot soldiers and cavalry alike were forced into the icy wastes surrounding the road by the defending peasants. There they were easily picked off or simply drowned, paralyzed from the cold. By the end of the day, casualties among the royals numbered 7,000, while the peasants suffered only 60. Hopefully this true story inspires our Bearcats to get back out there next season!

Several Cross-country athletes competed at the NCAA West regional in La Verne, CA. 

Consider in the coming weeks: Will NWC coaches be correct in their prediction that Men’s Basketball will again finish last in the conference? 

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