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  • Skeet Starr, Sports Editor

Fast Break Sports Report Oct. 31

Art by Carolyn Vazquez

Hello Bearcat Fan! The hounds of defeat seem to have largely gnawed their way to the marrow of Willamette athletics this week. Even the winged jester who visits me in my dreams to tell me how to write the Fast Break stood me up on the astral plane last night, leaving me with no jokes for you, Bearcat Fan. None! Sigh. Let’s go to the news.

Women’s Swim carried the department taking first at the NWC relays, then third at the sprints. Men’s Swim clocked in at fourth in both events.

Football put up a promising 21 points on the Loggers, who themselves put up an even more promising 40 points.

Men’s Soccer held fast to defeat Whitman 4-3 after leading 4-1, then fell victim to the Pirate onslaught at Whitworth (2-6).

Women’s Soccer picked up two narrow losses at the Whits. Both Bearcat squads will return home next weekend to finish their seasons.

Women’s Basketball opened their pre-season in disappointing fashion, ceding Salem supremacy to the Corban Warriors (57-64).

Volleyball made a meal out of the Pioneers in a back and forth dog fight on Wednesday (3-2), then were leveled by the Boxers later in the week (0-3).

Men’s Golf are facing off in Nevada at the NCAA DIII preview as of Sunday night. Results will be making their way in until Tuesday.

In the wide world of sports: Kyle Larson, Christopher Bell, Ryan Blaney and William Byron will put rubber to asphalt on Sunday, Nov. 5 at the NASCAR Cup Series final in Phoenix, Arizona.

Consider in the coming weeks: Winter cometh on padded feet in the dark morning. Will your crop yields and mental fortitude sustain you, or will the black rider carry you beyond the mountains wrapped in blankets sewn from frost?

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