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Staff picks: Articles, Oct. 20-28

Edited by Kathleen Forrest, Managing Editor

Reminder: Willamette students have access to a free New York Times subscription that can be registered for here.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are the individual staff member’s own, and do not reflect the perspectives of the Collegian staff as a whole, nor the view of the Collegian as an institution.

The duck needs a name- submit by Nov. 1: Art by Maizy Goerlitz.

Submitted by Mary Wang, Production Manager

Staff Comment: “Sometimes, you just want to smile and this does the job. Apparently the Wienermobile has a wholesome and humble origin that continues today. I don’t want to reveal too much because it is a quick read, but it reminds me that finding joy right now is important, even when it comes in novel forms. One day, I hope I’ll see the Wienermobile in-person and get my own wiener whistle.”

The Pick: “The Prophecies of Q” from The Atlantic

Submitted by Kathleen Forrest, Managing Editor

Staff Comment: “I came out of this article more concerned than I went in, which I know is not the most compelling endorsement, but I also came out far more informed than I went in. Something that can rarely be said with confidence on the subject of the QAnon conspiracy theory, but this article genuinely gives solid information and analysis of the disinformation campaign going on in America right now.”

The Pick: “Kamala Harris Knows How to Win Elections” from The New York Times

Submitted by Jake Procino, News Editor

Staff Comment: “David Brooks, a conservative columnist, writes this short opinion piece. With his perspective, he provides fresh and interesting insight on the Biden/Harris campaign for people who hear mostly voices from the left. As someone who is frustrated with the Biden campaign's shift to the US's political ideological center, this adds some context to the "why" of the shift, and offers expectations from a potential Biden presidency.”

The Pick: “What if We’re All Coming Back?” from The New York Times

Submitted by David Flanagan, Opinions Editor

Staff Comment: “Even if you’re not spiritual - or religious - I think this NYT piece is a pretty exciting romp.”

The Pick: “Transforming Pandemic Grief Into Art” from The New York Times

Submitted by Jesse Buck, Lifestyles Editor

Staff Comment: [No comment given]

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