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COVID-19 updates moved to WU website; 12 cases on Salem campus

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Emma Innes

News Editor

Graphic by Andrea Griffin

In an Aug. 26 email, the Willamette University COVID Advisory Team (WUCAT) announced that they were ending the practice of announcing each confirmed COVID-19 case in an email. They have decided to instead display the case count for each week on a dashboard on Willamette’s website. As of Sep. 15, there have been 12 COVID-19 cases for the Salem campus and 1 for the Portland campus.

The dashboard has two location categories: Salem and Portland, breaking the cases down by contractor, employee or student. The dashboard no longer provides information about where on each campus positive cases occurred, which had previously been disclosed in email notifications. While there is an overall count on the dashboard, it does not show the cases for past weeks.

In the Aug. 26 email, the WUCAT said they will continue to notify those identified as close contacts to individuals who test positive. Employees will be notified if they work in the same facility or area within the facility, of someone who tests positive. According to WUCAT, this is per OSHA requirements.

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