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ASWU passes budget only including clubs with anti-racism action plan

Noah Dantes


At ASWU’s March 4 meeting, senators voted to approve a budget granting funding to all clubs that had submitted an anti-racism action plan. The budget passed on March 4 included the three clubs that had submitted a plan after the Feb. 25 meeting. Esports, the only club without a plan to date, was the only club not to receive ASWU funding during this round due to not having an anti-racism plan. Additional ASWU outreach to Esports is planned to explain the process and support them in the creation of a plan.

ASWU President Claire Mathews-Lingen [had vetoed] a budget passed during the Feb. 25 ASWU meeting granting funding to all clubs, including those without an anti-racism action plan. Mathews-Lingen vetoed the previous budget due to how the vote occurred: “Senators were still asking questions and stating confusion as the vote took place, not to mention that we were nearing 2hrs & 40min [normal meetings last an hour], and several senators had logged off by the time the vote took place.” The March 4 meeting only lasted 50 minutes. The next ASWU Senate Meeting takes place at 7 p.m. on March 11, which students can view [on Zoom].

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