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  • Skeet Starr, Sports Editor

Fast Break Sports Report Dec. 5

Graphic by Carolyn Vazquez

Hello, Bearcat Fan! It is a good day to be a Bearcat, and for once I don’t just mean that rhetorically. Our wintry sporting friends went out and sunk their claws into the competition this week, making you (yes, you) look super ridiculous and embarrassed for ever doubting them. Let’s go to the news!

Men’s Basketball was broadsided by the Pirates (71-101), but shockingly upset The Blues (91-84) for the first time since 2009. At the start of the season, new head coach Michael Lenahan told The Collegian he was looking to surprise some people. We weren't sure whether to take him seriously or not until now.

Women’s Basketball dispatched Whitworth (77-71) before knocking off defending conference champs, Whitman (66-61). With Ava Kitchin (‘24) back, it’s no surprise to us that the ‘Cats are cooking. 

After trailing by evening on the first day, Women’s Swim took gold at the Bruin Invitational, sneaking past George Fox. The Men held firm to a second place finish. 

Sports in the world of wide: The USWNT breezed past China (3-0), and many believe the Florida State Seminoles were snubbed as the ‘Bama Tide rolled into the College Football Playoff field at No. 4. 

Consider in the coming weeks: What’s stopping you from clicking on this column again and again on our website to run the views up and trick my managing editor into believing I’m doing good work? What’s stopping you from doing me a solid, huh?

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