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Sparks Fitness Center reopens after six months of closure

Noah Dantes


Sparks Fitness Center reopened on September 7 after six months of closure. Several policies have been implemented to reduce the risk of COVID-19:

  • Masks are required inside the building and must fully cover both the mouth and nose. Neck gaiters and bandanas do not qualify as masks. Mask removal is only allowed when drinking water, and this must be done away from others.

  • Social distancing is required, and ten feet of distancing is recommended.

  • Cubbies and lockers will be closed for this fall.

  • No personal items larger than a backpack are allowed inside the building. The usage of personal gym equipment is prohibited.

  • All equipment must be sprayed down before and after use. Upon entering the building, all users will receive a spray bottle to return upon leaving.

  • No users should spot each other due to distancing rules. Lift safely.

All users must sign a “mandatory user acknowledgement” before using Sparks facilities. This acknowledgement can be signed online or at the door.

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