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Students honor memory of Agustin-Paz at campus vigil

Ryleigh Norgrove

Staff writer

Saturday evening, students gathered in Jackson Plaza to honor the life of Abigail Agustin-Paz. 

A College of Liberal Arts student, Agustin-Paz was important to many on campus. She served as an Ohana leader, was active in Alianza and WU-CAUSA and was on the Willamette Events Board. She was deeply involved with Willamette Academy and worked on the Bistro staff; she touched many areas of the community. 

 In an interview with the Statesman Journal, Lisa Landreman, vice president of student affairs and dean of students, said Agustin-Paz had many friends and was known for her kindness and warmth.

“We’re, as a community, in shock and anticipate this loss is going to be with us for some time," Landreman said. "We’re hoping to keep her memory and kindness alive."

"Being a first year college student is challenging, and being a first generation student, oldest sibling or coming from a diverse background might come with more individual challenges," she advised fellow students in a profile. "Remember that there will always be people and/or networks ready to support you, and to be patient and embrace the experiences you'll find yourself through."

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