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Willamette announces twelfth and thirteenth COVID-19 cases

Noah Dantes


A Willamette student living off campus tested positive for COVID-19 on Nov. 5, and a contractor working on campus tested positive on Nov. 2, Willamette’s reopening committee announced over email on Nov. 6. The student was last on campus Nov. 3, and anyone who was in close contact with the individual has been told to self-quarantine, and will receive follow-up from a Marion County contact tracer. The contractor was last on campus Oct. 30 and was not in close contact with anyone at Willamette. Additional details about the individuals have been withheld due to privacy laws.

Faculty and staff who test positive are still being asked to contact Danita Chapin <dkchapin> in Human Resources, and students who test positive are to contact Tori Ruiz <truiz> in Student Affairs.

Willamette announced itseleventh COVID-19 case of the semester on Nov. 2.

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