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Horoscopes for the week of Sept. 11-18

Billy Ullmann

Lifestyles editor

Aries: This week might be a good time to consider what your wants and desires are and how they play into your responsibilities. Mercury and Venus entering Libra on Sept. 14 will likely bring out your strengths in communication and partnership. After a dreamy full moon in Pisces on Sept. 13, the moon enters your sign on Sunday, Sept. 15, energizing you to pursue your desires more intensely. 

Taurus: The full moon in Pisces on Friday, Sept. 13 may allow you to work well in creative endeavors. When the moon moves into your sign on Tuesday, Sept. 17, you will likely feel sentimental and romantic. With Venus entering Libra on Sept. 14, you may feel a strong or overwhelming desire to be desired, but with Mars in Virgo, you’ll want respect, both from yourself and others, regarding your romantic passions.

Gemini: With Mercury-ruled Virgo in several planets, you likely feel a need to communicate more, both personally and professionally, in order to get things accomplished. The full moon on Sept. 13 will likely help you to let go of some of your feelings of restlessness. Mercury and Venus entering Libra on Sept. 14 may make you feel entitled to make judgements about love or communication.

Cancer: During Virgo season, you will likely feel a need to work hard, but it is important to take care of yourself first. The full moon may put you in a spot to see what you want, even if it is somewhat out of this world. This can offer some clarity as Venus and Mercury enter the sign of Libra on Sept.14.

Leo: The moon is in Aquarius until Sept. 13. During this time, you will likely feel a sense of confidence and ease, as Aquarius is your sister sign. With the full moon in Pisces on September 13, you are likely to feel rested, especially in mind. The sun in Virgo may make you feel driven to get things done, but you may feel more at ease with communication and love once Mercury and Venus enter Libra. 

Virgo: With Virgo season in full swing, it feels as though you are truly in your element. Enjoy this time while it lasts. Mercury and Venus enter Libra on Saturday, Sept. 14, after less than a month in your sign. This shift may cause a bump in your communication and love life after a period of ease in these areas. 

Libra: The sun in Virgo may make you feel somewhat constricted by your responsibilities. But Mercury and Venus enters your sign on Sept. 14, which will make you feel strong in communication and especially in love, as Venus rules your sign. The moon in Aries on Sept. 14 will likely inspire you to pursue your interests in these areas more intensely.

Scorpio: Virgo season has been a time for you to consider what your responsibilities are. This will continue and the full moon will help to clarify your capabilities. You will likely feel more of an appreciation for love and beauty as the moon enters Taurus on Tuesday, Sept. 17. 

Sagittarius: Adjusting to the changes and responsibilities that Virgo season brings has likely consumed a large amount of your energy. Be sure to check in with yourself and rest your body and your mind, especially during the full moon, on Friday, Sept. 13. 

Capricorn: You have likely been very motivated to get things done, with Virgo in several planets. As the moon passes through Pisces starting on Sept. 13, acknowledge your needs and desires but remember the limits of others as well. Venus and Mercury leave Virgo and enter Libra on Sept. 14, which may help you look at communication and love as increasingly less important responsibilities.

Aquarius: The moon is in your sign until Sept. 13. During this time, you will likely feel very in your element, especially when it comes to dealing with your ideas. The full moon in Pisces on Sept. 13 will be a good time to brainstorm and let yourself get lost in thought. When Venus and Mercury enter Libra on Sept. 14, you may feel less pressure in communication and partnership.

Pisces: The full moon in your sign on Sept. 13 will definitely put you in a dreamy and sensitive mindset. This will be a good time to focus on you and what you are capable of. Virgo season has highlighted what responsibilities are on your plate. Do not be afraid to reject some if you feel you cannot handle them.

DISCLAIMER: These predictions are not to be taken seriously. We are not professional astrologers and any guesses made are simply that: guesses. Do not actually use as advice or guidance. 

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